The Advantages Of Using Menstrual Cups

8It has been a common concept for women to make use of tampons or pads in an effort to collect blood and to protect their clothing throughout menstruation. But if you would like to have better alternative than these conventional methods, then menstrual cups will be wise. Some are long lasting and reusable while others could be disposed after used.

Are you contemplating whether you should use a menstrual cup or not?  These menstrual cups have flexible design and used in the vagina throughout the period in order to collect blood because of menstruation. Actually, the cup is collecting the menstrual flow instead of absorbing it not like what tampons or pads do.

Most of the menstrual cups are typically made from silicone or rubber. There are so many experts who are recommending women that if they’re latex sensitive, they should be certain that they’re buying a cup that’s made from silicone. You may make use of cups all the way through your menstrual period but you ought to change it every now and then most especially if you have heavy discharge, which is crucial to guard leaking. To clean the menstrual diva cup, you only need to remove it and rinse after 12 hours of used or perhaps, when leaking occurs.

Below are the countless benefits of using menstrual cups.

Number 1. Less landfill waste and more cost effective – there are some cups that are made specifically for long term use. The truth is, some are meant to last for several years, which offers huge savings compared to pads and tampons. Since you could reuse them, there is less waste to clogging up landfills and at the same time, fewer trees sacrificed only to make paper-based alternatives. Always bear in mind that some cups are disposable and thus, read the label very carefully before you decide to buy a reusable one.

Number 2. Less embarrassing odour – you won’t have to worry on embarrassing odour coming from your menstrual discharge. The reason why this can be prevented is the fact that the fluid is not exposed to air as what it does with tampons and pads.

Number 3. Lesser visits to pharmacy – and say for example that you replaced the cup once per year, there is still less trip to the pharmacy than what you would do if you make use of disposable paper based methods.

Number 4. More time between changes – when using tampons, you will need to change it at least every 4 to 8 hours, depending on the flow of your cycle. But with menstrual cup, you can use it for as long as 12 hours. Get the best professional help and suggestions from

The Advantages Of Using Menstrual Cups

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