What You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups

6There are a lot of women who feel irritated and also uncomfortable every time they have their period. Aside from that, you will also need to buy tampons or sanitary pads, you worry on toxic shock syndrome, as well as worries on tampon bleaching and all these factors can surely add up to the already unpleasant experience of having your menstruation. Providentially, women today now have another great option they can find in the market. This excellent option is identified as menstrual cup.

This incredible tool is a silicon cup which is introduced to the woman’s vaginal canal to collect all menstrual flow. You have the option of emptying your menstrual cup after 10 hours or 12 hours. If you are going to use a menstrual cup during your monthly cycle, then, you are assured that any threat or risk of toxic shock will be successfully removed, no discomfort, no leakage, no damage or any impairment to your body, the danger of toxic shock is efficiently eradicated, and also, you are not going to produce trash. If you are going to make use of menstrual cups, then, a little adjustment is what you only need to make.

In the present day, it is not difficult to locate these menstrual cups. You can go to various local stores near you that sell menstrual cups. If all the local stores near you do not sell these menstrual cups, in that case, you have the option of surfing the internet in order for you to acquire this device. In the present day, there are a lot of online stores which can present you with excellent menstrual cups. All you need to do to find these online stores is to use your preferred search engine.

After that, you need to choose the appropriate size of menstrual cup. Menstrual cup is available in only two sizes. You will need a model 1 if you are under 30 years old and you have not yet produced offspring or you never have a c-section operation. Then again, there is a need for you to pick the model 2 if you are above 30 years old, or had a c-section or have gave birth already. The best tips are available in http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Menstruation.

According to menstrual cup reviews, when using this menstrual cup, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with the use of a soap and warm water. In addition, there is a need for you to systematically clean all your menstrual cups before employing them. Then again, if you find yourself inside a public restroom, naturally it is going to be difficult for you to clean your menstrual cup by means of the sink. If you find yourself in this particular situation, all you need to do is make use of a clean wet or dry cloth to cleanse your menstrual cup before using it again.

What You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups

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